Monday, August 11, 2008

All my T-shirts are hand-printed with water-based fabric ink on 100% short-sleeve cotton shirts. All these designs are available on just about any medium to light color shirt, such as white, natural, light yellow, rust, light sea green, light blue, medium blue, red, heather grey, ash grey, peach, magenta, maroon, storm grey, overdyed gray, tan, medium brown, orchid, and avocado green. (Hues like navy, dark charcoal and black don't seem to work as well, therefore I don't offer them, unless it is a special design made to work with dark colors). If you see a color shirt and design you like here, feel free to order that--if you'd like it in some other color, email me, and I'll let you know its availability. I generally carry a range of colors and sizes, in most of these designs.

These inks fade down into the fabric with wear, time and washing, giving a naturally weathered appearance. Some of the shirt colors I offer are over-dyed shirts--therefore the dye in these shirts may also gradually fade down into the fabric. I recommend always washing on gentle cycle in lukewarm water and air-drying the shirt--after washing the shirt for the first time by itself--as the inks and/or shirt dyes can bleed. Please do not use any type of bleach!!
All designs are available in Adult sizes S, M, L, XL. Other sizes and/or styles available on
special request.

Please email me at for further ordering information and quantity discounts. See my Etsy online store at the top right, for my latest!
New designs will be posted here as they are made-- please check back again!
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