Tuesday, December 10, 2013

working on more scarves too

New Scarf I just finished last night. This is a lovely red-violet-ish shade I came up with
(not a commercial dye shade, so it is very limited edition). This leafy pattern really seems to work
best on the woven cotton scarves, so I think I will only be putting it on that style (not the infinity jersey style scarves). I like its primitive folk-art appearance. My goofy cat, Max-orange, in the top photo, has appointed himself as my photo stylist, and can often be found on my lap while I am trying to work on something else!
       • Late Addition to my Holiday Sale roster----on Wed., 12/18/13 5-8pm, I will be at the Fall semester Book Party with a selection of my wares, in Uarts CBS Auditorium, 320 S. Broad St., (Hamilton Hall) in Center City Philly.