Monday, December 12, 2011

New Scarves!! Hand-Dyed and Discharge-Printed

Here is the latest creation! Hand-dyed Scarves--
both plain woven lightweight cotton, (shown at bottom in Mink Brown)
and knit cotton Infinity Scarves (all one piece of cloth, can be wound twice around one's neck, shown at top in Periwinkle Blue).
The pattern is based on a rubber stamp I did a long time ago.
The Dye colors shown are deep Periwinkle Blue, Mink Brown, Pewter Green, Barn Red and Whale-Tail [really Dark Navy-ish Blue Grey, a Dharma Muck Dye]

So, I will be selling these on 2 Holiday Sale dates:
•Wednesday 12/14/11, 4-7pm at UArts
Hamilton Hall, CBS Auditorium, 320
S. Broad St., Phila.,PA. --If you are in
Center City then----and
•Saturday & Sunday 12/17->18/2011, 10am to
5pm both days, at the
Mt. Airy Art Garage, 11 W. Mt. Airy Ave.,
Phila., PA. --in the NW section of Philly!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Future CEO of LS-Drew Graphics, wearing Robo-Squirrel!

Well, here is yours truly at a very young age (along with my grandmom, Jolan,
who took care of me a lot when I was little).
Who knew I'd be visualizing the creation of
and rocking some Robo-Squirrel back then!!