Thursday, July 15, 2010

“Robo-Squirrel, Chestnut Hill Yoga, and You”

Gratitude goes to one of my great Yoga Teachers, Bobbi Tighe of Chestnut Hill Yoga,
Philadelphia, PA., for hosting a little gathering, starting this week, of my super Robo-Squirrel T-shirts at her excellent yoga space!

We are endeavoring to use the Squirrel as a reminder to embrace our high energy,
yet quiet our minds. Wear the Robo-Squirrel T-shirt and join the movement!
Thanks to all my fellow Chestnut Hill Yogis!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My New Etsy T-shirt Shop ! and a new sales venue -The Print Center in Philadelphia

I recently opened an Etsy Shop for your online
shopping pleasure featuring, what else, my
excellent T-shirts, here is the link:

More designs will be added, so please check back often--
this is a bit of a work-in-progress. Like another
Etsy seller said about doing the shop set-up---it is kind of like a big
video game---there are lots of small pieces and details to
attend to... But Fun! Here’s to generating lots of sales!

Also, The Print Center Gallery Store at
1614 Latimer Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19103
is the latest bricks-and-mortar outlet for my T-shirts, among many
other cool artists’ prints. Stop by and show some love for Printmaking in
for more info on the Print Center, go to:

{Alas, unfortunately we had to say goodbye in May to my former venue,
the All By Hand Store in Philly's Liberty Place...
Big thumbs-up, though, to Juli and Abby for making a cool artist gallery store
happen, and we are all looking forward to their next venture!}

T-shirt Dyeing! and other fabric-oriented stuff to play with

I have taken the plunge, so to speak, in experimenting with dyeing T-Shirts
myself. Had a whole big old pile of white and lighter colored shirts that just
wasn’t happening.... so I got a few colors to play with. I don’t plan to do this all the time
for my shirts, it is rather time-consuming (which is why it had to wait til summer). It
has been a lot of fun. Dharma Trading Co. makes the best Fabric Dyes! The dye and shirts can be seen soaking in my lovely bathtub, as well as the final result of the first color--a deep warm honey-
mustard tan shade! This shirt (with the blue bike logo) is one of my students’ class collaborative T-shirts from a past semester. I dyed a bunch of those class shirts too --I would like to sell them and see how it goes.
Also here are some antique copper batik/ ink stamps I just got from Dharma --again, to play with new design possibilities.