Sunday, December 7, 2008

“The Furniture of the Univers”

This is a Chandler and Price clamshell letterpress in a diminutive tabletop size,
perched on a great retro solid black distressed-finish cabinet. Ready to go!
The title “The Furniture of the Univers” refers to a triple pun involving Furniture
(letterpress and otherwise!), Letterpress/typefaces, and a Philosophy term. It is based on
a joke that my undergrad letterpress teacher and I made in class, during the first
demonstration of locking up the type on a Vandercook Letterpress---obviously a
procedure that uses furniture; you are not going to get far in your printing without that!---and concerning our humble and basic typeface----seemingly millions of pounds of ‘Univers’, which is all the studio had. We definitely learned how to spec type with no
curlicues to distract us! Well, maybe you kind of had to be there......