Saturday, February 13, 2010

Newest Series: Tools / The Art School Test (old) Drill

Here is my homage to my old drill that I used for many years at my school (it was probably older
than me!). It finally bit the dust last fall, and I bought a new kick-butt cordless one that I also
like; but somehow that new one feels just too new and weird--- and the old one
still feels like home... So I decided to memorialize the old drill on a shirt.
I love the post-war aircraft look it has.
“The Art School Test” refers to my term for anything --equipment, mostly ---(but maybe also people too)--- who can stand up to many years of being in an art school and still hold up.
This old drill, out of very few things, definitely passed the test!!
More T-shirts with tools on them coming up soon!