Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Dyes on the Way!

Well, I did it again! I had to satisfy my jones for more fresh and funky T-shirt Hand-Dyeing, so
I just ordered some more “Muck Dyes,” and other new fabric dye colors from Dharma Trading Company. I had SO much fun last summer doing my own dyes, and got such great results with both dyeing, and printing my designs on the dyed garments, that even though I wasn’t originally planning to do more dyeing any time soon---I just couldn’t resist (ok, very bad fiber-artist pun!)---especially once I caught the “Muck Dye” naming contest on Facebook a couple weeks ago!
For the uninitiated, Muck Dyes are the one-off, un-reproducible, weird-batch colors that Dharma makes available to the fiber-art public in the spring, via a mucky-color naming contest ---they are what lured me into dyeing last summer. Colors like “Elephant Elbow,” “Professor Plum” and “Muckleberry”--you get the idea!
By the way, my work is now on their website (it appeared on their April 2011 web newsletter)
The Dharma people were nice enough to feature my T-shirts on their website, and even said that they were especially psyched to have my stuff on there, since they don’t get that many screenprinters submitting work to them---so that is pretty super cool!
(actual link to appear shortly)

So now I am washing more T-shirts in preparation for the dyeing, and waiting for the new fun colors to arrive. This might end up being a yearly summer project for me! And I plan to have more studio time this summer, which is great.
More photos to well as new T-shirt designs in the works!
Ok, back to the studio for more printing...